Saint Illtud’s Church, the Galilee Chapel, the Celtic Stones and the stories of the Celtic Saints, most especially Saint Illtud, provide a rich resource for primary education.

Monkee Business

The Assistant Bishop of Llandaff, the Right Reverend David Wilbourne making a presentation to pupils of St.Illtyd Primary School

Studying the Celtic Saints

As part of the Galilee Chapel project launch in November 2013 five local primary schools undertook to research the Celtic Saints. Pupils from St. Illtyd Primary School researched the story of St. Illtud, Wick and Marcross Primary School wrote poems about St. Patrick, Eagleswell Primary School made a film about St. Gildas, St. Athan Primary School, made a film about St. Tathan and Llanilltud Fawr Primary School researched the story of St. Samson.

Wick and Marcross Church in Wales Primary School

Saint Illtud’s Church is pleased to have a close link to Wick and Marcross Church in Wales Primary School. This wonderful mosaic is an expression of God’s Love and God’s World as depicted by the school’s pupils, recently completed and now hanging on the wall in the Assembly Hall. The children designed and helped to make it under the superb guidance of Ms Kate Derbyshire.


Schools Resources in Development

Take a look at the wonderful video created by Aled Williams, Deputy Head Teacher, All Saints C/W Primary School. The video shows a Year 5 class visiting Saint Illtud’s Church in order to try out the teachers’ resources currently under development.

New enquiries

We welcome interest from and would like to work with all educational establishments. We are currently developing teachers’ resources that will enable primary & secondary schools to build a curriculum relevant programme of study that includes a visit to the church. If you would like to arrange to visit please contact Alison at the Parish Office on 01446 792439 or email for further details.