The Christian Enrichment Library in St Illtud's Church, Llantwit Major continues to see good use! We are thankful that so many from the Benefice and from the wider community are taking advantage of this free resource.

We are now delighted to announce the expansion of the library into a new genre! Thanks, in part, to generous donations from one of the Sunday morning coffee and cake times, a new shelf has been added consisting exclusively of books for children and teens! Situated own the mezzanine floor in the Galilee Chapel at St Illtud’s Church, there are several dozen books, appropriate to a wide variety of ages, feature retelling of Bible stories,C Christian biographies, instruction in prayer, and even some fairly deep yet simple books on doctrine and theology, which, no doubt, older readers will find beneficial to peruse.

We hope that this new section of the library will be a blessing to many of your children and grandchildren, encouraging them to grow in their Christian faith! Why not check out a few books, or bring your family members to the Galilee Chapel for a morning or afternoon of reading delight? If you haven’t yet made use of the library, perhaps the nearly 200 books are a bit intimidating to you?

Our own Allen Hamlin will be hosting a weekly short-course, entitled “Library & Lectionary” starting on Tuesday April 24th at 19:30 in the Galilee Library as a practical opportunity to learn about some of the resources available and how to make use of them to enhance your understanding of the Bible and to foster your faith. We’ll use Bible readings from the Sunday morning lectionary as the focus for learning how to use these tools, which will give you a great opportunity to explore the passages used in our worship in greater depth!

This course will take place on three consecutive Tuesday evenings (24/4, 1/5 & 8/5) following on from the Tuesday evening Compline services which took place during Lent. So, if you’ve got into the rhythm of participating in evening worship, why not continue your involvement by joining this new course? We’ll meet in the Galilee Chapel from 19:30 to 20:30.

We are planning to run this course on several different occasions at different times of the day, in the months to come. We expect the next one will take place during the daytime, in the month of June, but watch this space for details about future offerings.