Parochial Church Council Report and Financial Statements for the year ending 31 st December 2017

It is always dangerous to speak of being ‘new’ when the work of our nine churches around the
Llantwit Major Benefice has been ongoing for 1500 years! People come, and people go, whether
they are clergy, lay people, locals who have profound faith commitment or no particular attachment
at all. Through the constant changes of centuries, each person has made their contribution in a tiny
way that simply sustains the wider life of God’s church and God’s people in this place.

2017 has seen our Benefice consolidate, with the appointment of new clergy colleagues to bring the
Ministry Team up to full strength, alongside our established Lay Readers. Fr Craig Vaughan and Revd
Rhian Prime have joined us during the year, along with Revd Jude Peters, following her ordination as
a Deacon. The one point of consistency in a time of change has been Alison Weston’s tireless hard
work and dedication as our Parish Administrator. Our collective thanks are extended to the many
people who have served in numerous roles throughout the Benefice over the last year and the
dedicated, hard work of so many people across our 9 churches has been inspiring. To mention one
person is to run the risk of failing to mention another; the strong heart of our parish is the result of
our collective faith, work and commitment.

The Annual Report is, by its nature an occasion to look back and reflect. However it also sets the
tone for the work we do in the year ahead. This year’s AVM will appoint a re-shaped Benefice
Parochial Church Council, with membership reduced from 42 to a more manageable number of 17
members. This new structure was agreed by the Benefice PCC at its meeting in February 2018.

Download the full report (PDF) here