Did you know that when you come to visit Saint Illtud’s Church in Llantwit Major, you will be entering one of the oldest Christian sites in the United Kingdom?

For over 1500 years and without a break, God has been worshiped at this beautiful spot. Saint Illtud came here around the year 500, and although we know very little about him as a man, the evidence of his faith and the continuity of his spirit and teaching are all around you.


Visiting Saint Illtud’s

Saint Illtud’s is a busy church with the full range of services that make up the Christian calendar. Visitors are most welcome to join us on these occasions. Sunday services take place at 8.15 a.m. 10.00 a.m. and 6.00p.m.

Access to the West and East Churches may be restricted on certain occasions – most especially weddings and funerals, and when the West Church is in use by church and local community groups (mostly on Wednesdays). However, the church is always open and we do our very best to ensure that you are able to enjoy what the church has to offer – whatever the purpose of your visit.

‘…the most beautiful as well as the most spacious church in Wales’ extract from John Wesley’s diary dated 25th July 1777.