The Church Garden 

The Medieval Sensory Garden outside the Galilee Chapel

The Galilee Garden was planted shortly after the opening of the Galilee chapel in 2014, with a selection of aromoatic plants which would have been familiar to our ancestors when Illtud first set foot on this site.

Following 2020's lockdown, the garden became overgrown, but hs been rescued in 2021 by Rebecca.

The garden is picutred at the end of May 2021 when it was looking a bit of a mess. The ground was very very dry at the time, but there were some plants still in the ground that might survive having been rather ruthlessly hacked back earlier in the year. The photos show very healthy and vigorous lemon balm and some nice irises (in flower). There's also a rose in the centre of the bed, although it's quite starved of nutrients and invaded by weeds and grasses. Still, there's hope that this will survive with a bit of TLC.

The space still looks a mess and the weeding hasn't yet been tackled - but there are quite a number of plants emerging. Last time we checked there was: thyme (small but growing); marjoram; lemon balm (two plants); rose; bay; mint; pot marigold (now flowering); iris; sage; field poppies (also flowering); borage; mallow.

The next job on the list is to do the weeding of the bed, leaving the above plants in situ. Then, in the autumn, the plan is to go over it properly, moving things about as necessary and adding plants in, including bulbs. Medieval plants, being mostly species, tend to have a fairly short flowering/active season and die back pretty thoroughly in the winter, so some thought will go into how to prolong that season, and bring some interest to the area throughout the year.